New World: The Most Complete Crafting Guide

In Amazon's new world game, when you reach Aeternum, you will immediately face challenges that need to be overcome

In Amazon's new world game, when you reach Aeternum, you will immediately face challenges that need to be overcome. You will assess your surroundings, find harvest and collect resources, and start crafting tools to ensure survival. The trading and crafting skills of the New World are powerful tools, and they are emerging in endlessly. As you improve your trading and crafting skills, you will eventually be able to collect, refine and craft many powerful things.

Manual consumables and resource efficiency

Crafting skills to create consumables such as Arcana and Cooking can improve resource utilization. For example, as a beginner Arcanist, Craft treats Tin agents in a ratio of 1:1, while advanced Arcanist has the opportunity to produce additional He treatment agents. It may seem small at first, but when you start batch Craft, you can see that the efficiency is over 30%.

Sophisticated equipment and equipment score

The better your crafting equipment is, the better the equipment will be. As you master the crafting skills of Crafting equipment with scaled gear scores (such as weapons or armor), the overall potential gear score results begin to expand. For example, as a beginner weapon maker, your iron sword has a relatively narrow ending, and its equipment score range is 200-210. As your weapon processing skills improve, the range will also increase, and eventually, the minimum equipment score of Crafting New World Items will begin to increase.

High-skilled weaponsmiths will be able to crafting low-level weapons that are actually more powerful than high-level weapons made by low-skilled Smith. Once you start unlocking steel or higher-level weapons, you will start again in the same low-end range (300-310, 400-410, etc.). As your skills continue to improve, it will increase similarly to the previous previous weapon level. In the end, you will be able to craft lower-level weapons, comparable to higher-level weapons of low-skilled weapon forgers. For example: a skilled weapon craftsman can craft an iron sword that is slightly stronger than the basic steel sword, which will be of great help when mobilizing lower-level friends and allies.

Refined equipment, gem slots and privileges

Whenever you Craft a piece of equipment, it rarely has a chance to get one or more allowances during the Craft process. Sometimes, you may even get items with slots for gems. These results are random, but during the crafting process, you can take some steps to control the results.

Resource maximization and gem slots

You can increase the chance of obtaining the item by using the gem slot by increasing the number of the main resources of the item used in the handicraft. For example, if you hope that a steel sword is likely to produce gem grooves, you will choose to use more steel when crafting. There are no guaranteed results here, but you can use sufficient resources to seize opportunities from low to high.

Azoth and manual modifiers

The number and level of privileges that items can Craft is determined by Azoth. You can choose to use Azoth when crafting to increase your chances of getting items with perks.

You can also choose to add special modifiers to the craft. Composition modifiers allow you to apply specific types of privileges to projects. For example, while exploring, you may encounter a powerful and magical flower called "Dragon Glory". Dragon Glory is a rich source of fire essence, which is an important manual ingredient used by arcanists in making potions and making fire wands. When you harvest the Dragon Glory, you have almost no chance to successfully harvest the Dragon Glory Stem, which can be used to craft weapons with the "ignite" privilege, which will cause the weapon to cause additional fire damage in each hit.

Although you cannot control the overall results of the project, you can guarantee that you want a privilege of the project to be there. There are various manual modifiers; they are usually rare and come from a wide range of sources. From trees and boulders to certain types of creatures, everything has a small chance of dropping synthetic modifiers. Use the maximum amount of Azoth in combination with synthesis modifiers to try the most effective results when synthesising.


In the new world, we want your house to be like a home. This means being able to decorate and furnish your house. The decoration work is slightly different from other crafting techniques. For us, it is important to maximize the types of furniture that can be crafted, but we don't want players who just decorate houses to face huge obstacles. As a result, it is possible to Crafting decorations from a lower level of furniture. In addition, the furniture manufacturer can also Crafting various trophies and storage for the house. Housing trophies provide passive rewards for things like battles and crafts, which we explain in depth in our article on housing. Each house can have multiple storage boxes. Adding lockers to your house will increase the settlement costs for that house. As your decoration skills improve, loot and stored recipes will be unlocked. We are very happy to see all the ways you decorate your house.

Exquisite items and dropped items

Skilled craftsmen can create products as powerful as those in Aeternum. The battle will not be won based on whether the item is crafting or discarded from a powerful creature, but will be won based on the skills of the players and their understanding of attributes and proficiency.

There are many roles to play in the new world. Whether you are collecting resources in remote and dangerous places or mastering forging to produce incredible weapons that change the course of war, you can leave your mark on Aeternum.

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