What is a fire ban and can we still hire fire entertainment?

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Extreme weather conditions have started happening throughout Australia and I keep being asked the same question; “Can I still hire a fire performance for my event?”
The answer is YES but extra measures need to be taken into consideration and risks eliminated before the show can commence.

Fire equipment should not emit embers like an open fire and this is why fire twirling or a fire show can still be hired while a fire ban is in place. But there are still risks and these risks need to be addressed. The company or performer needs to make 100% sure that the performance is safe and eliminate all risks that could arise while performing with fire during a fire ban.

If you are thinking of hiring a fire performer or fire show for your next event there are a few things you should consider before booking any performance.
First of all; hiring a professional company is vital! Before booking any fire performer or fire show for your event there are a few things you should ask them.
Do they have full $20 million Public Liability Insurance?
Are they able to provide the event organisers and the venue with a full risk assessment?
Would they contact the local fire authorities and seek permission?
Have they ever performed in a fire ban before and what measures did they put in place?
Are they able to meet on-site either in person or via video call to check the space and give the area the all clear?
What kind of performance are you hiring and what extra measures would the performer take to insure the venue will allow a fire performance on their property?
Would the company or performer be happy to contact the venue and discuss options and what to implicate for the safest risk-free performance?
The more questions asked the better. A phone call will save a lot of time and you will be able to get a good idea who you are booking, and if they are a professional company or performer with experience performing fire shows.

What is a fire ban?
A fire ban is a total ban on any fires lit in open air with extreme weather conditions of heat and/or high winds. It can also be put into effect when firefighters are pushed to their limits of recourses in some areas.
There are slight variations in rules and restrictions between states but it is always essential to check with local rural and urban fire services before undertaking any lighting of fires in a fire ban or around the time a fire ban is in place.

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