Free PowerPoint Templates For Your Presentation

Free PowerPoint Templates For Your Presentation

You can download them and edit them to your heart’s content, and spend more time on your content instead. For most of these templates, the fonts, graphs, charts, tables, icons and maps are included. They are easily editable as well.

Christmas Theme Template 29

As it says in the title of this template, the Christmas cheer is strong in this theme. It makes full use of wreaths and the color red, alongside many other Christmas elements. There are 22 slide designs available.

Balthasar 15

A green-themed slide design for presentations that are related to finance and other professional lectures. There are 25 different slide designs included and this fits the 16:9 screen layout.

Gold Keynote 12

With a color combination of gold, gray and white on black and brown, this keynote presentation exudes professionalism and business, whichever way you tweak it.

Business 22

There is a light version and a dark version but this template plays around with 6 colors, and 50 slides for each color. You won’t be lost for choice with this Powerpoint template.

Golden Template 12

This template stays true to the business and value theme and makes full use of the gold color throughout the full template. That said, there are three color variations to choose from: gold, white and gray.

Resume 20

A great Powerpoint template for presenting an individual or icon in a celebrated way, Resume is available in two themes: dark and light. The design strikes a healthy balance between text-heavy and visual-heavy.

3 Gorgeous Powerpoint/Keynote Templates 9

The images below are some of the slide designs of the first template released by this designer. There are two other templates made available for Powerpoint and Keynote 09.

Business by Graphic Panda 4

If you need a template that features charts, graphs, mockups, tables, maps and other infographic-related material, then this is the template that is going to spruce up your presentation.

Titania 4

Featuring a light color palette, tiled boxes on two opposing corners and a light background, Titania features a softspoken collection of 25 slide designs fit for the 16:9 screen layout.

Introduction to Dribbble 4

This is a collection of templates that is colorful, stunning and designed to impress. Instead of a running theme, anything goes for this template design as you can see once you download the full pack.

Warwick 3

Looking for a serious and professional template? Warwick plays with the blue and green color scheme to give off a credible style suitable for businesses and education-related presentations.

Social Media 15

For a more creative, upbeat, modern Powerpoint theme, try Social Media. It fits for presentations related to the SEO, analytics and social marketing crowd.

Katharine 3

Katharine is designed for letting pictures and large photographs tell the story. In this batch of 17 slides, there are no two-column or three-column text layout designs. Instead, photos take center stage in the 16:9 screen layout.

Vicentio 2

Playing with a gradient effect between two colors, Vicentio is designed for law and justice-related heavyduty content. It also works well in a corporate setting. It is designed for a 16:9 screen layout.

Nowco 8

Nowco is as corporate as it gets, sleep and powerful, professional and modern, if you are going to be presenting a business presentation to a no-nonsense crowd, you’ll appreciate the ongoing theme that Nowco depicts.

Nathaniel 6

Nathaniel plays with thin-lined illustrations with serif typography and a single accent color for most of the 25 slides. It is designed for a 4:3 design layout.

Miranda 7

Miranda exudes a nostalgic and sentimental mood that is perfect for large photograph presentations. The template works best on a 4:3 screen layout and there are 25 slide designs to use.

Viola 5

Viola is a minimalistic, one-color focus Powerpoint template. It works best in a 16:9 screen layout and consists of 25 different slide designs. If you’re looking for a clean and professional-looking design, Viola is an elegant addition to your toolkit.

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