Make over $500/month With This YouTube Secret Method!

In this method we are going to sell youtube channels on forums where the demand is high.

We will use a twist to make simple youtube channels very valuable.
This method is excellent if you are lazy and want to make some bucks online daily.

1.) Create a YouTube channel

2.) Search for gameplay videos on youtube and download 1-2 videos which are 3+ hours long and have less than 1000 views (basically no one is going to copyright them as they’re not getting views or earning any money)

Better still you can just upload random videos that you have already

3.) Now upload these videos on your YouTube channel

4.) Go to and add 1000 subscribers and 2000 HQ views Note that youtube’s criteria for monetization requires a minimum of 1000 subscribers and a minimum of a total of 4000 hours watch time

1k subscribers will cost you $--- depending on quality

4k watchtime : $-----

So, Total Cost = $------

5.) Now, apply for monetization and let the channel go under review for YouTube Monetization.

6.) Sell the channel for Between 50 to $200 on any market place you want (search sell YouTube channel on google and there’ll be many marketplaces which buy / sell YouTube channels on the first page) e.g. or

7.) This way, you can make easy profit of $100 - $200 per account sold!

8.) Remember, to select high quality views and subs. Once monetized, a monetized account sells for $500-2000 easily.


  • Getting 1000 subscribers is slow when you using the above-mentioned site as they can provide you 30-50 sub per day, To do it faster, find a Freelancer that can deliver 300-500 subs per day
  • Choose a good a marketplace, just write " Sell youtube account" " buy youtube account" on google , there are many on internet with a lot of traffic, the best marketplace to sell is Ebay Reddit, but you can lose your ebay account so be careful
  • You can increase the value of the channel by uploading a lot of video, add commentaries, add an intro to fetch even better prices but its totally upto you

This is it. Now start implementing this and earn money to invest in other methods and guides to get a stable passive online income

You can resell these channels or use these methods to grow your own channel. You can also help people grow their various social network and get paid by using

Happy learning!


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