Free views on YouTube and website visits

Organic way to get free views on youtube and website traffic

Free views on youtube are one of the most searched topics by beginner YouTubers but most search result they found are the only clickbait. But today I am going to tell you a method to increase youtube views and website traffic for free with 100% working methods. I will provide some tips and tricks and methods.

You might be wondering why my visits on my own website are low even though I am writing a post on increasing views. I will explain it also but don’t worry you will be able to get views 100% as much as you want I will promise you that.

I am going to divide method to get free views on youtube and website into two different parts with different methods. Hope you will like it.

Organic way to get free views on youtube and website trafficYoutube view increaser

I am going to give some tips and methods to increase youtube and website traffic. Consider these things. It will take time but you will be able to get users instead or visits after some time. Let’s discuss some points.

1. keywords

Keywords are the main words based on your content. Using the appropriate keyword is a must for ranking. Use keyword with the most search result and less ranking difficulty. Use this website for a searching keyword. Put sentence related to your content and click search . You will get many suggestions. Use keyword with high search volume and less search difficulty.

2.Titles of post

Titles play an important role in whether people will watch your content or not. For example: Make money online will probably be a very bad title. Make $100 00 online is slightly better. How I made $100 00 online, it is even better but How I made $10142 online in just 2 weeks, I would say this is the best. Because titles should focus on how normal people think and believe rather than going with the trend of keeping titles that are used by most of the people .

Let’s take another example. We don’t promote adult content this is just an example.
‘Sexy girl’ will be a very bad title. Sexy girl stripping, it’s probably better. Sexy girl stripping for you, that’s even better. Now, Sexy girl stripping in front of policemen, I would say this is the best. See people psychology and thinking should be considered while keeping titles because your titles are your first impression and we all know that the first impression is the last impression.

Keep in mind that not to use generic terms or generic numbers for a title, since that would not be credible. Use more exact details and people will pay more attention. Other catchy phrases like Oh my god, THIS is insane, the WORST signer ever, etc usually demand more attention from the user. Be sure to include capitalization in your title, but not a full title written in caps letters. Just highlight the most important ones. Don’t post click-bait for having long-term users.
“See the FULL movie here” People will enter to see the video like crazy.

3. Use of tags

For getting high traffic on youtube or website, tags plays an important role. Write as many tags until they will tell you that you have reached the maximum number of characters possible. Simple as that. You can search for an existing video according to your niche/video over the youtube and here you can use the Tags used by others. So this will give you an idea that how you can shuffle good tags to get your video go viral which will produce more and more views for you.

4. Use of description
The first thing your description should contain is your url with http://www in front of it. Then press enters 4-5 times. Paste lots of text here, based on a keyword. Use many keywords related to your post and puts much as you can think of. Use this website to generate a keyword as I explained before. So far, the youtube search engine is based on descriptions but it does not penalize word spam so to speak. This will drastically improve your rankings in the youtube search engine.

5. Video Thumbnail

At youtube, the thumbnail is just the picture from exactly the middle of the video. Pay attention to this, a bad thumbnail can spoil your video. On the other hand, there are people who got thousands of views just from the fact that they used a misleading but appealing picture in the middle of the video, which appeared as their thumbnail.

6. Unique content and be the first to upload
Be the first to upload is one of the secrets of gaining youtube views. First, one to upload a potential viral video gains more traffic or visits. For instance, be the first one to upload a new trailer of a movie or of a game. Be the first one to upload the highlights from champion leagues. Be the first one to upload the latest celebrities’ spoofs. Be the first one to post tech articles, news, leaks or hacks. Always post good content and increase your quality with the post.

7. Advertising or sharing skill

Last but not least. This one is important. You need to advertise or share your post or video on social media like Facebook, Pinterest, etc for gaining a huge amount of traffic. Share in-game streaming sites for better results. Use newsletter for a website for promoting the post through email. You can use the same for YouTube video.

The newsletter is way to send email to your subscribers and the best thing about a newsletter is you can add email as subscribers in it and send an email of your post to those added emails.

Cheating or using software for free traffic or views


  • Pc with internet
  • RDP/VPS (optional)

Note: You can get views but I don’t suggest using this because the views are provided by software or bots. This is the reason I didn’t use it because I don’t like bot views on my website. If you want to enjoy views for free anyway then use it you can get views 100%. Let’s begin our process.

  • At first, you need to signup on a website called Otohits. Click here to signup.Free website traffic
  • Enter your real email or use temporary email generated from this website. I had used a temporary email. Now copy the temporary-mail or real mail and paste in the email field at signup area.Free views on youtube
  • Now set passwords, username and signup.
  • You will get a verification email. Check the email address you had used. If you had used temporary email then go back to the website and check there you will get an email.Increase views on youtube
  • Now after verifying email go back to Otohits. Sign in with your email and password.
  • We will be provided points for the website we had visited so that we need to download the application. It’s application runs in the background and we can get points automatically.Taylor swift
  • Go to application option and choose your file for Windows or the Linux. For Windows click on download, not on portable. Extract the file and install Otohits application and run it.Free website views
  • Sign in to it with your Otohits email and password which you had used for signup.Free website traffic
  • Now just minimize the window and leave the application to run. You will get points automatically until the website runs.
  • Since we are provided points until application runs which is why I had set RDP as requirements though it’s not compulsory. You can install the application in your virtual pc (RDP) and run all day and night and get points because if you are using your real pc then you need to shut it down anyway after some time. If you don’t have RDP click here to know how to get it or know about it.
  • Now go to My sites option from otohits website.Free YouTube traffic
  • Click on add site.
  • Then paste the URL or link your youtube video or website of which you want to increase views. Select link type whether it is safe or, adult or with sound. Then add the link.YouTube subscribers for free
  • They need to approve your link which they do instantly or around  24 hours.
  • If your link is not approved just message the website admin through contact option with is at the down of the website. Your site will be approved very fast.Free YouTube views hack
  • Now just assign the points and enjoy the free views.YouTube hacks
  • You can even target the view’s location through geo-targeting option.
  • You can change such requirements by selecting a link and going to action option if you want. Otherwise, just click on assign points and enjoy free hits or views.Hack youtube

There is another website to increase views which are called HitLeap. It uses a similar process like others. You can use any of them or both at the same time and increase youtube views or website traffic at a fast rate. Both are 100% working.Billie elish

YouTube video for the entire tutorial to make it easy for you to understand.

If you like this post then feel free to share and support us. At last, I want to say, you can increase views or traffic with a cheating method for fun but for professional way it’s your choice. I am using an organic method which is slow but my visitors are increasing. Well, choose any method as per your need. If you want such awesome tips and tricks then subscribe to our newsletter or turn on notification for our website on your browser.

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