Season 4 of Rocket League is now available, featuring a new Rocket Pass and 2v2 tournaments

The new Rocket League season has begun, and it includes a new premium Rocket Pass car, as well as changes to matchmaking and other features

The new Rocket League season has begun, and it includes a new premium Rocket Pass car, as well as changes to matchmaking and other features. Season 4 of Rocket League has begun, bringing with it a new Rocket Pass with rewards, new limited-time modes, 2v2 tournaments, and other new features. Exactly on time, developer Psyonix sent out a tweet confirming the update's current state. For starters, a new car called the Outlaw will be introduced in the upcoming season, complete with an Old West poncho. You can get your hands on it as part of the new Rocket Pass Premium, which also includes a slew of other goodies such as the No-Name Topper, Tanker Wheels, and Lava Boost, to get the free Rocket League credits online.


In addition, the Rocket Pass Premium will provide you with the usual XP boost when participating in Weekly and Season challenges. Deadeye Canyon will be the name of a new Arena that will be included in the update. You can also participate in competitive tournaments such as the 2v2 and Extra Mode tournaments, and tournament rewards will be updated for the upcoming season. Among the new limited-time modes are the 2v2 Heatseeker, which will debut on August 12, the super-chaotic Speed Demon, which will debut on August 19, and the Rumble variant Spring Loaded, which will debut later this month.

Other upcoming changes include an audio setting that will allow streamers to turn off copyrighted music, as well as revisions to undersized parties. Following the changes, there will be a rule stating that these parties must be within three ranks of each other in order to queue, allowing the matchmaking system to connect them with another player of approximately the same skill level. Neither the Casual, 2v2, nor Extra Mode playlists will be affected by this change.

Casual matches, on the other hand, will receive some refinement, including the ability to forfeit just like in a Competitive match. And, because that option will be available, players who abandon Casual matches on a regular basis will be penalized.

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