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Hello, I’m Musa Abdulraheem and I am proudly Nigerian. Some of you may recognise me through the NiDO North China group chats and committee meetings or my picture in front of you right now. I am currently a PhD student in international law entering my second year. Below is a list of some key points as to why you should vote Musa Abdulraheem as your next General Secretary.
My experience as a legal practitioner and also in human resources, is a highly demanding role I believe is vital to the aspirations of NiDO North China, over my years in China which started in 2016 precisely I have been able to display my ability to manage my time effectively while maintaining my studies, clients and business ventures. It was also driven by my desire to showcase the positive side of being Nigerian of which I stand proud of my achievements so far. I feel I am an approachable, efficient and friendly face, who can help our organization reveal its true potential.
I don’t want to be a General Secretary you only recognize from an email signature. You will see me in your province and region, on picket lines, and interacting with members via social media and personally. Part of listening to members means meeting with them. I intend to duly establish regular regional and online General Secretary Interactions, where you can come and meet with me and other executive committee members, tell me about your experiences and worries, and also ask me questions.
Most importantly I will duly abide to the provisions stipulated in the NiDO China constitution, the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and also the laws of the People’s Republic of China.
With due considerations to sections and of the constitution of NiDO China regarding the office of the General Secretary, the importance in enforcing accountability in the maintaining capacity of the NIDO North China administration falls as explicitly written on the General Secretary. This I would totally adhere to in accordance with the provisions stipulated.
As a potential father who has the essence of morality and the necessity of being responsible was entrenched in while growing up, I would never joke with my integrity.
Though my surname is Musa which means Moses, I definitely know I cannot get help from the Lord Almighty to part the Red sea. But being logical and decisive I believe I can achieve the following few pointers with the collective help of all Nigerians in the North China region.
• Ensure that you have a friendly and approachable contact that is happy to represent your views, ideas and concerns is my number one priority.
• As your General Secretary I plan to maintain the current transparency of Executive meetings and decisions. Making sure that you are kept up to date as efficiently and promptly as possible via appropriate and viable social media channels.
• I envisage making adequate correlations with the Embassy and necessary Nigerian government agencies a much more effective and fair process. With the plan to discuss with the executive committee members, the feasibility of making much needed changes possible.
• I believe it is important that we remain visible to Nigerians in China at all times and also be pro Nigerian in all endeavours relating to the office of the Secretary General. I plan to liaise with fellow executive committee members in organizing regular cultural, social and educational events, seminars or webinars so as to foster unity and also project the Nigerian image positively.
The proposals I have outlined in this document intends to open up NiDO North China region to people who have felt excluded, making it more affordable, accessible, and representative to the entirety of Nigerians in the North China region. But a manifesto is more than the sum of its parts. I envisage a situation where collectively Nigerians in general engage ourselves in a process of determining our common goals, discovering and building our capabilities, and realizing how much power we have when we translate our shared knowledge and interests into action. Once we truly represent these factors, we can definitely become an organization that shapes and directs policy, rather than reacting to it. We need to build forms of solidarity that do not exist yet, across career paths, institutions, sectors, and generations, in defense of public education. Vote for me and with me, to vote for that change.
This manifesto is the product of countless conversations I have had with many people over the last decade. In the course of writing it, I have also benefited from detailed input from friends and colleagues in all sectors of this organization. I personally wish to thank the Acting President Barrister Justina ObaoyeOboaye-Ajala, Mr Louis Idehen and Dr Polycarp for the foresight and assistance given to me by them and also all Nigerians especially in Wuhan. I cannot thank everyone personally for their input, but I would like to give special credence to the words given to me by the present Acting President which is my motto and a driving force of the reasons why I am contesting for this position.
“if you want to go FAST walk alone, but if you want to go FAR walk with people.”