World First Race in "World of Warcraft" Has Been Running at Full Speed

The World First Race of "World of Warcraft" is currently in the final stage, which brings a lot of tension

The World First Race of "World of Warcraft" is currently in the final stage, which brings a lot of tension. At present, there are four guilds all over the world, all of which are competing with the last boss opponent Sylvanas Windlaufer for the title of "World First Race Kill".

The current World First Race in the online role-playing game "World of Warcraft" has been running at full speed since last week. At that time, the raid instance "ruling the temple" opened the door in mythology, so it was the highest level of difficulty. Since then, guilds all over the world have been vying for who can defeat the last BOSS opponent Sylvanas Wendlaufer first, thus earning the coveted "World First Kill" title. This game has now reached the last very exciting stage.

There are currently four guilds standing in front of Sylvanas Windrunner, trying to make her kneel. The current leader is the European group "Echo", which has only recently been able to surpass its US competitor "Complexity Limit". Last Sunday, she also successfully defeated the ultimate boss opponent. They brought Sylvanas Windrunner's health to 49.57%. In fact, players previously thought that the battle would end when Sylvanas was below 50%-but that was not the case. In terms of mythological level of difficulty, this seems to only appear at 45% of the health points.

The question remains about whether the guild will win before the weekly reset (US: Tuesday night, Europe: Wednesday morning). It seems that the right strategy has been found, but it is currently failing due to the equipment and the damage caused to the player. Therefore, it may be attributed to the "complexity limitation" of the American guild, which has a time advantage due to the early resetting of the server, so the game is played in North America. This will inevitably lead to some heated discussions on the subject.

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