New World 1.0.2 update patch notes

How long is New World server downtime today?

The New World server downtime will last for roughly 5 hours, with it having started at 3 AM PT/6 AM ET. This means that server maintenance will have concluded at the following times:

                                     8 AM PT
                                     11 AM ET
                                     4 PM BST (UK time)

Patch 1.0.2 will go live on Oct. 13 at 5:00 am CT and bring with it some big changes for many of the different game mechanics players have been taking advantage of. The biggest of these changes will be the Faction Missions system. This patch will adjust the rates of influence gain over time making it more difficult to flip a territory and declare War. Right now, this can be done fairly easily, but after the change, it will take a lot more grinding for factions. One way this has been implemented is by removing the decrease of defender influence over time and also the rates of influence gain over time for those attacking.

The server downtime is taking place in order for developers Amazon Game Studios and Double Helix Games to push through the latest New World 1.0.2 update, which will include various changes to faction missions along with bug fixes to bring the popular MMO up to speed.

New World Servers are down so Amazon Game Studios can apply “another swath of bug fixes” and setup more for an upcoming server transfer. According to the patch notes, the studio is “working tirelessly to make sure everyone can find a world to call their long-term home” with the character transfer feature.

Plenty of bugs and issues plaguing the game have been dealt with in Patch 1.0.2. Notably, the Bear spawner that some players were using to grind XP and skinning levels has been fixed by reducing the respawn speed of these bears. A similar issue has also been patched out with Boars in Restless Shores.

Speaking of which, patch 1.0.2 also introduces a long list of bug fixes to New World. This includes an issue with players randomly teleporting, as well as some cases where players could “respawn as a corpse”.The stability of New World has also been improved with this patch, as “miscellaneous game crashes” have been fixed today.

Players who have been kicked and temporarily or permanently banned by Easy Anti-Cheat will now receive proper communication as to why they have been removed from the servers and “better understand the penalty they received”.

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